BEST BOSCH JIGSAW 2021 – Top Picks

A jigsaw is a saw that has to use a recycling cutter to cut arbitrary shapes into wood, metal, or other materials, such as embroidered design features. They are electronically controlled nowadays and are recognized as scroll saws, and portable power jigsaws have gradually replaced them. Within that 19th century, Jigsaws only developed and utilized a ball screw to process the cutter or blades. The machine could be used for timber work in woodworking shops and in industry sectors. Bosch is one of the trusted brands in the jigsaw industry. Here we have reviewed best bosch jigsaws of 2021.

Jumpy cuts and massive noise and vibration are also the most major complaints people have found in the jigsaw. A few other models have high precision, functionality, and streamlined cuts, and some have better specificity, jittery cuts, and massive vibrations. Such jigsaws are essential for business woodworking, as well as a variety of metals could also be trimmed.

A jigsaw is motivated by a gear-connected device that drives comparatively tiny blades to break materials such as timber in an up-and-down direction. The jigsaw’s bottom (named the shoe) is forced against the machined surface, and when it gets higher, the blade strikes. The mechanics may be convenient, however, when picking the correct jigsaw for your demands, there are many factors to take into account. 

The best jigsaw choice will all be determined by things such as SPM (Strokes Per Minute), orbital settings, product accommodation facilities (wood, plastic, and so on), and vibration level.



BOSCH has the best reputation in the market for developing innovative tools. Comparably, this company demonstrates why for several years and most people have had high expectations with this company. Therefore in a tool like a jigsaw, you will discover a variety of features that do justice to the reputation of the company.

Here’s our selection of the top jigsaws mostly on the marketplace unless you’re hunting for such a premium jigsaw that will last you for just a long period. These have innovative functions, higher processing speeds, and powerful architectural features. As well as, they are crafted to last. .You’ll find our top BOSCH JIGSAW in this article.

1.Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jigsaw:

BOSCH Jigsaw

   BOSCH is the most trusted brand in the industry for developing robust and innovative tools manufacturing. This guarantees it a top-notch product for the Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jigsaw and is expected to admire it to potential buyers.


A powerful motor and advanced electronic circuitry are features of the Bosch JS470EB Barrel-Grip Jig Saw. Its 7.0-amp muscle would be loved by technicians, craftsmen, and interior designers. It has a jigsaw, blades, anti-splinter insert, plastic overshoe, device case.

Product Specifications;

  • Bosch JS470EB jigsaw has a precision-machined plunging system which makes it work with more accuracy with fewer vibrations.
  • This saw has a 7amp motor that makes 3100 strokes per minute which is best for an accurate and smooth cut of heavy-duty projects.
  • This jigsaw has a variable speed dial set that works effectively for your different tasks.
  • This tool flaunts a built-in dust blower to help keep the workstation clean.
  • This jigsaw is sturdy as well. This saw has a reliable, aluminum gearbox and a die-cast aluminum footplate.


    1. Plugging mechanism
    2. Low vibration
    3. Enhance internal precision.
  • Soft handle grip


  1. Accept T shank blades.

2.Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw: 

Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw

The second main model of the BOSCH brand has made major changes and improvements than earlier one Many fascinating modifications feature with the JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw method. This is a versatile device that provides you with reliable cuts to get the finishing touch.


      This one has a sturdy aluminum starve to death shifter lever including an innovative system to help it effectively face massive workplace conditions. The developers have also integrated a sturdy aluminum gearbox to make it more efficient at accommodating the stresses of the workstation.

Product Specification:

      This jigsaw has a lot of great features

  • The JS470E has a 7amp motor that generated heavy power which makes it versatile in modern jigsaw series. Its 7amp motor makes 31000 strokes per minute that can effectively cut hardwood and aluminum sheets. It is a powerful tool and best for heavy-duty projects.
  • The stable and reliable aluminum shifter lever keeps the tool firmly in place and allows you to make blade adjustments.
  • It’s the right handle that produces a fine grip smoother and therefore is considered to also be the perfect jigsaw for service.
  • This has a powder sprayer integrated into it that makes the material clean.
  • To make maximum cutting efficiently according to need it has four orbital action tools.


  1. 4Four orbital adjustment tool.
  2. 7amp motor
  3. Adjustable speed trigger
  4. Ergonomic design
  5. Three-year warranty


  1. Not best for slow operations.
  2. Slightly pricey.

3.Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK

Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK

The Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK is the best tool use in the wood industry by carpenters, technicians, and interior decorators.


A device with an updated upfront smooth area is offered by the Bosch JS572EBK Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit; it also has the smallest diameter in its series. It has an innovative precision control double roller system. It is crafted in the best design and easy to carry only has 4.9 pounds weight.

Product Specification:

  • The main feature of this saw is the highest amperage on this list at 7.2 amps, and a speed range of 800 – 3,000 SPM—the speed regulated by a dial at the rear of the barrel.
  • The shape of this jigsaw is crafted to assist carpenter or buyer on a workstation as this jigsaw easily keeps your hands close to the workpiece or wood for a strong grip, helping to avoid tipping.
  • This jigsaw has 4 orbital position settings for cutting, a very convenient thumb activated ON/OFF switch and a red LED light to make it more attractive and easy to operate for a long time.
  • It has a toolless blade change system and a dust blower for maximum visibility of the cut-line.


  1. It is easy to carry as it has 4.9 pounds weight.
  2. 7.2amp motor
  3. Dust blower for max cut-line visibility
  4. LED lighting


  1. It has a slightly slower top speed.
  2. Pricey

4. Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw Bare Tool JSH180B

Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw Bare Tool JSH180B

 When you’re on the road, this lightweight design quality jigsaw is a fantastic win for you as it has an Ion battery and low weight.


  Its efficient power decreases the consumer discomfort aspect with such a narrower handle length and operates with almost the same precision and outstanding cut for long durations. This is about 30 percent lightweight and 10 percent limited scientific with its rivals, which makes it a suitable workshop companion.

Product specifications:

  • The main feature OF BOSCH JSH180B is its lightweight of 4.8 pounds and compact. It comes with 30% lighter weight than its competitors.
  • It comes with LED light which provides more conveniences in low light applications.
  • The security measures would be the next thing you’d just want to hear. It deals with Electronic Cell Safety and Protection of the Electric Motor that leads you to exhaustion or excessive heat.
  •  It is convenient to use, lightweight, and you don’t have to think about the complications of the ease with the integrated bevel wrench storage.
  • This also brings with it a four-stage orbital operation that fits the individual user cutting efficiency, and the always-on dirt blower and Led bulbs; comfort is simply not a question!


    1. Compact design
    2. Lightweight
    3. Durable
    4. Dust blower and LED light for workplace conveniences
  • Four stage orbital operations.


  1. Not good for heavy-duty projects.

Key Features of Best Jigsaw:

  Following are the main features you should must consider before buying a Jigsaw machine

  • LED Light:

     As you cut, the LED headlight on the best jigsaws illuminates the road, keeping your line highly visible.

  • Dust blower:

     In connection with the LED headlights, a dust blower can make the line clear in front of you, making it super easy to understand your path.

  • Blade guide bearing:

      One of the most important components of a great jigsaw is a blade guide bearing! This ensures the blade is focused and avoids drifting away from your cuts.

  • The footplate:

     A solid metal foundation would have the best jigsaws, rather than a stamped steel frame. This is going to have much smoother transitions and a much smoother split.

  • The motor:

      You should go for a motor that got a huge amount of energy. You don’t want your saw to slow down at your cut’s pivotal time. The faster the motor, the easier!

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Frequently asked Questions

  What are the top-rated corded and cordless jigsaws of the BOSCH brand?

   Bosch JS572EBK and   JS470E Jigsaw is the best-corded jigsaw of Bosch 

  How do Jigsaw tools work?

 The jigsaw motor normally connects to a set of gear systems referred to as eccentric gears. There’s an off-centered gear in this special gear model.

When the jigsaw is charged up by a woodworker, it delivers the power to the generator. And it’s shifted to the gear system by the generator.

Finally, the eccentric gear converts the up and down movement of the spinning motion.

  How a variable speed works for the jigsaw?

 Well, when you are working with the wood you need higher speed and you should use the slower speed to cut metal and plastic. To cut with the jigsaw you have to place the saw foot firmly on the workpiece you want to cut. And the blade should face forward in the same direction you are facing. The jigsaw blade cuts on its upstroke. 

Sometimes the angle of your jigsaw blade can be costly for your workpiece as it can chip down the material you are cutting.

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Final Verdict:

   So you need to consider some important things before buying a jigsaw according to your usage. BOSCH is the best brand if you are looking for a jigsaw because it provides multiple options with the versatility of the best performance. You have to compromise on certain specifications if you want to buy a limited budget jigsaw. Jigsaw is not a regular tool that you can purchase, so my suggestion is to buy a jigsaw that will assist you with your long-term projects.

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