Best Cordless Jigsaw in Australia (Reviews and Expert)

Cordless jigsaw has become a popular choice of customers due to its greater ease of use. They are battery-operated and free of any kind of cable. People easily maneuver them from one place to another. Based on our months of research, we have selected the best cordless jigsaw for you. DEWALT DCS331B is the top-rated cordless jigsaw according to our research.

But stop, we have also reviewed the model with a low budget, higher speed, and capable dust blower. An excellent cordless jigsaw can easily cut through heavy metals and hardwood. These jigsaws are essential for commercial woodworking, so we have rated the top cordless jigsaws in 2022 for you. Variable speed trigger, keyless blade change, orbital setting, battery lifetime, LED light, dust port, are some crucial factors we consider during our research.

Best Cordless Jigsaw
Budget Friendly

Best cordless jigsaw

Below is the list of the best cordless jigsaw of 2021

Cordless jigsaw
Makita XVJ03Z
Ryobi P523
Black & Decker BDCJS20C
Makita DJV180Z
Milwaukee 2445-20
Ridgid R8832B


Here are the reviews of the top 10 cordless jigsaws Reviewed By experts in Australia

1. DEWALT DCS331B Cordless Jigsaw

DEWALT DCS331B cordless Jigsaw



DEWALT DCS331B is the best cordless jigsaw. Jigsaw weighs about 5.58 pounds with battery and charger not included in the package. It is one of the best jigsaw brands.


Jigsaw  has some excellent features:

  • Jigsaw has four-position orbital action.
  • It has a keyless blade change for a quick replacement that allows the easy installation of blades and helps you in making accurate cuts.
  • Jigsaw has a variable speed range capable of 3000 strokes per minute.
  • It has a powerful 20V max system, which helps in increasing cutting ability.
  • Jigsaw has a 3-year warranty that makes it suitable for long-term projects.
  • It has an external ball bearing blade guide, which significantly reduces the stress of internal bearing.

Although this jigsaw is made up of durable steel and will last a long time, but it has some drawbacks. Sometimes, the dust blower has a problem of not keeping the dust away from the cut line. Jigsaw only accepts T-shank blades.

Thus DSC331B is a great model due to its fantastic battery and keyless blade system. So it ranks above all the models, and it is worth the price if you want to buy the best cordless jigsaw.

  • Four position orbital settings
  • Keyless blade change
  • Variable speed
  • 20V max system
  • 3year warranty
  • Portable
  • Only accept T type blades
Thus, due to 20v max system,four-position orbital action and keyless blade feature, DEWALT DCS331B is the top-rated cordless jigsaw.

2. Makita XVJ03Z Jigsaw

Makita XVJ03Z Jigsaw


Makita is one of the best brands in the jigsaw industry. The company produces compact and customer friendly jigsaw. Jigsaw weighs about 5 pounds and comes with a jigsaw blade and cover plate. One lithium-ion battery is required for this jigsaw.


Jigsaw is capable of 2600 strokes per minute, which is less than DEWALT DCS331B but efficient for fast and accurate cutting.

  • It has three orbital speed settings.
  • Jigsaw has a two-finger variable speed trigger for more comfortable use.
  • It has a tool-less blade system that is good for the easy installation of the blade.
  • It has a 3-year warranty.
  • Jigsaw has a heavy gauge for accurate, precise cutting.
  • Although this jigsaw has useful features, it has the issue of slow speed compared to its competitors. Also, there is no dust port.
  • Two-finger variable speed trigger
  • Toolless blade system
  • 3-year warranty
  • Slow speed
  • No dust port
So, this jigsaw stands at the second position of our top picks due to greater ease of use and toolless blade system.

3. Ryobi P523 Jigsaw- Budget Friendly

Ryobi P523


It is a battery-powered jigsaw that weighs about 4.9 pounds, is made up of high carbon steel, and requires an 18V battery.


  • It has four orbital settings, the higher the setting, the better you can cut the wood. These orbital settings are ideal for making lumber cuts.
  • Jigsaw has a built-in dust blower that keeps the dust away from the line.
  • It has an LED light, which helps you in making accurate cuts.
  • It is the best jigsaw for the price.
  • Jigsaw has a trigger lock system that helps in making accurate cuts without having to worry about trigger movement.
  • Blade changing is not comfortable with this jigsaw. Jigsaw does not accept all types of blades.
  • Four orbital settings
  • Built-in dust blower
  • Budget-friendly
  • Trigger lock system
  • Blade changing not easy
  • Do not accept all blades
To sum up, Jigsaw is considered as cheap cordless jigsaw because of low budget and good features .

4. Black & Decker BDCJS20C Jigsaw

Black & Decker BDCJS20C


Black and decker jigsaw weighs about 5 pounds. It comes with 20 V lithium-ion batteries, which are included in the package. Other components are chargers and blades. It is made up of plastic and steel.


  • It has a variable speed trigger and is capable of 2500 strokes per minute.
  • It has a built-in dust blower.
  • Jigsaw accept both and T and U shank blades
  • Jigsaw is budget-friendly.
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Built-in dust blower
  • Budget-friendly
  • Battery life is not great
  • No LED light

Although this jigsaw has useful features, its battery life is not great, and there is no LED light present in it.

In conclusion, this cordless jigsaw is suitable for beginners but not recommended for long term projects.

5. Makita DJV180Z Jigsaw

Makita DJV180Z


Jigsaw weighs about 5.29 pounds with lithium-ion batteries required. Batteries are not included in the package.


  • Jigsaw has three orbital settings to obtain a more aggressive cut.
  • It has a tool-less blade system for easy removal of blades.
  • Jigsaw has LED light, which keeps light in the work area.
  • It has a dust blower for easy removal of dust.
  • Jigsaw has a two-finger trigger switch, which helps in efficient and smooth cutting.
  • This jigsaw does not have extra storage of blade. Jigsaw is expensive for some users.
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Built-in dust blower
  • Budget-friendly
  • Battery life is not great
  • No LED light
Thus, due to the three orbital settings, LED flash, this jigsaw is a perfect tool for professionals. .

6. Milwaukee 2445-20 Jigsaw

Milwaukee 2445-20


Jigsaw weighs only about 3.8 with a 12-volt battery. The battery is not included in the package. Jigsaw is made up of plastic and metal.


  • Jigsaw is lightweight and easy to use.
  • It is capable of 0 to 2800 strokes per minute at a stroke length of ¾.
  • The company has done great to produce a hybrid grip design by bringing the grip close to the material.
  • It has an LED light feature, so you can easily see through the cut line.

Jigsaw has a low-powered battery of 12 V, so you have difficulty cutting the thicker objects. There is no dust blower that helps you in dust management. Sometimes, the blade was off the mark while using this jigsaw.

  • Lightweight
  • Hybrid grip design
  • 2800 strokes per minute
  • 12V battery
  • No dust blower
Thus, this jigsaw is useful if you want to cut lighter objects, but you cannot use it for anything more difficult than the plywood .




Jigsaw weighs about 4.5 pounds with a 20V max system. Nonstandard batteries are required for this. It has a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Jigsaw has three orbital speed settings and a variable speed trigger capable of 2500 strokes per minute.
  • Jigsaw has a 20v  max system, which cuts effectively.
  • It has a tool-free blade release making it very easy to change blades.
  • It has a dust blower that helps you in better visibility of the cut line.
  • Jigsaw is budget-friendly.

This jigsaw is best for hobbyists, but if you want to cut hardwood, this jigsaw is not suitable. Battery life is less, so you have to charge it properly for long-term projects. LED light feature is missing, which is very crucial in long-term projects to see the cut line adequately.

  • Three orbital setting
  • Tool-free blade
  • Dust Bower
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Not able to cut hardwood
  • Battery life is less
  • The LED feature is missing.
Thus, If you are a hobbyist and want to buy the best jigsaw, PORTER-CABLE PCC650B is the right choice due to its low budget and useful features .

8. Ridgid R8832B Jigsaw

Ridgid R8832B


This jigsaw weighs about 4.15 pounds with two lithium-ion batteries required.  Batteries are not included in the package.


  • Jigsaw has a brushless motor and a long lifespan.
  • It has a lifetime warranty, but you need to buy this tool from Home Depot.
  • Jigsaw has thumb operated speed switch on, and you can lower the speed for more accuracy.
  • The blade holder was not square, and you need to hold the jigsaw at an angle to make a square cut.
  • Brushless motor
  • Thumb operated speed switch on
  • Blade holder was not square
  • Life type warranty only for the purchase from Home Depot
Thus, you can consider this jigsaw due to long life span  and brushless motor for your long term projects.

9. WORX WX543L Jigsaw



This Jigsaw weighs 5.71 pounds with one lithium-ion battery needed. The battery, charger, and blade are included in the package.


  • Jigsaw has the orbital function for improving cutting efficiency with variable speed.
  • It has a 20V max system with powerful lithium-ion batteries, which is suitable for efficient cutting.
  • Jigsaw has a top handle design, so it makes steady cuts.

This jigsaw has some drawbacks due to which it does not fit in the higher list. Standard size blades do not fit in the jigsaw. Jigsaw is heavier than its competitors.

  • Orbital function
  • 20V max system
  • Top handle design
  • Standard size blades do not fit
  • Heavier
To sum up, this jigsaw has a 20v system, but due to heaviness and standard size blades do not fit into the jigsaw, it does not feature in the top list.  

10. 20V maxProstormer Jigsaw

Prostormer Jigsaw


Jigsaw weighs about 6.15 with a 20V system,2000 mAh battery, fast charger, scale ruler, and six blades are included in the price.


  • Jigsaw has a variable speed trigger and four positions orbital action.
  • It is capable of 3000 strokes per minute, which is very respectable.
  • Jigsaw has a safety lock-on button, which prevents accidental start.
  • This jigsaw offers 45-degree bevel cuts on both sides

Jigsaw has one major drawback. Blades pop in and out of the jigsaw during use. The blade holder does not work correctly.

  • Variable speed trigger
  • Safety lock-on button
  • 3000 strokes per minute
  • Defective blade holder
  • Heavyweight
.In conclusion, due to defective blade holders and heavyweight, jigsaw comes at the bottom of our list.  

Things to consider while buying a cordless jigsaw


Power is an essential factor while buying a jigsaw. Most jigsaws range in power between 2400 to 3000 strokes per minute. But you should purchase a jigsaw that has power between 2600 to 3000 strokes per minute. According to our research, jigsaws should have high cutting power for hardwoods. But for less intense projects, e.g., if you have to cut softer woods, then you can use less power jigsaw also.

Tool-less blade option

Some jigsaws offer you a too-less blade system. This is an essential thing to consider while buying a jigsaw. The tool-less blade option will help you in making the easy change of blades. This will solve your problem of changing the blade.

Types of blades

The blade is essential for the proper working of the jigsaw. There are two types of blades T shaped and U shaped. If you do not use the right kind of blades, your project will fail, and you will not be able to make the right cuts.

So if you are cutting hardwood, then a bimetallic blade is preferred. But if you are cutting light metal, then light blades are preferred. One important thing you need to consider is the TPI number, which is the number of teeth per inch. For the softer material, the number of TPI is lower, while for harder material, the number of TPI is higher. You can read about the jigsaw blade buying guide here.

Dust management

Dust management is an essential part of the success of your project. You should buy a jigsaw which has an active dust blower. Dust blower keeps the dust away from the cut line that helps in proper and accurate cutting without facing the dust.

Grip of jigsaw

Jigsaw should have a good grip for the proper accuracy of the cut. You should consider this feature while buying a jigsaw. Some models have ergonomic, and cushion-handled designs. If you want to work at a difficult angle, a good grip of the jigsaw will help you in completing your project with high accuracy and comfort.

Battery Life

When you want to buy a cordless jigsaw, battery life is an essential factor to consider. Some batteries have a good life period, and they can help you in doing more significant projects. While some have a short life period, you can only use them for hobby purposes. In short, If you want to do professional work, your jigsaw should have a long life period.


Companies that value their customer offer an excellent warranty period. They realize the worth of their customer. So if you want to do a long-term project, you should look at the product which has a more warranty period.

Orbital setting

The orbital setting is an important feature to consider. It helps to reduce the friction of your blade and also prevents the overheating of your blade. If the blade becomes overheat, it will get damaged and eventually result in the loss of money.

Safety tips while using a cordless jigsaw 

  • Do not use cordless jigsaw in a wet environment because it can cause electric shock.
  • Never use the jigsaw near the flammable material because sparks are ignited by the jigsaw that will result in the fire outbreak
  • Always use a jigsaw with sharper blades as they can make proper cuts.
  • Always use a jigsaw with proper clothing. You have gloves and dust masks on your side for proper working.
  • Always clean the blade and other parts of the saw material.
  • Never force the jigsaw through any material. This can damage the jigsaw.

Structure of cordless jigsaw

Jigsaw has a lock on at the top with the trigger present below. They can help you in the control of speed and lock on, so you do not have to lock the trigger manually. This will help you to make accurate cuts.

The shoe plate, which is made up of metal, is present at the bottom while the bevel adjustment is present at the back. With the help of bevel adjustment, you can make cuts at different angles. These jigsaws are easier to use than a corded jigsaw.

You need to ask these questions to yourself before buying a cordless jigsaw:

What is the purpose of this tool?

Do I want it for a long term project?

What is my budget limit?

If you are still not clear, here is an infographic that is based on our months of research that will help you in making the right choice

best cordless jigsaw

Frequently asked questions about cordless jigsaw

What are the benefits of the cordless jigsaw?

A cordless jigsaw allows greater ease of use. They are built by modern technology, so they have many improvements than a corded jigsaw. They offer great raw cutting power and speed. Cordless jigsaw is now the most popular model of jigsaw due to its incredible features.

What are the disadvantages of the cordless jigsaw?

Everything has its cons. Most models of cordless jigsaw do not have battery and charger included in the package. You need to buy a separate battery and charger, which means extra money.

Second corded jigsaw tools have a continuous supply of power, however, in the case of the cordless jigsaw tool, you need to recharge the battery.

Which is the best cordless jigsaw?

DEWALT DCS331B is the best cordless jigsaw due to its great features. Jigsaw has an orbital speed setting and max 20V speed system, great cutting power. So this our top pick in this list of a jigsaw.

What is the meaning of a bare cordless jigsaw tool?

Bare tool means jigsaw comes without a battery, charger, and a jigsaw blade. Some jigsaw models do not have a separate battery included in their package. You need to buy a different battery for the working of that jigsaw.

How to get perfect visibility while cutting?

Dust port and LED have a crucial role in increasing visibility. Dust port removes dust through the cut line so you can easily make accurate cuts while LED provides sufficient light for making accurate cuts. So you need to consider these factors while buying the best jigsaw

How many types of batteries will cordless jigsaw use?

Most jigsaw will use only one battery, but here are some cordless jigsaw available that require two batteries.

What types of blades are mostly used with a cordless jigsaw?

Cordless jigsaw mostly uses T type blades. However, there are some models available that use U shaped blades.

Final Verdict

So, above is the guide about the best cordless jigsaw. If you want to buy the best cordless jigsaw, then DEWALT DCS331B Is our recommendation. If you’re going to buy the best budget cordless jigsaw, then RYOBI P523 is the way to go. These jigsaws have excellent cutting power, compatibility, more strokes per minute, reliable warranty, right orbital settings, and greater accuracy.

Our team has prepared reviews based on its months of research. So it all depends on you what jigsaw you want to buy. If you wish to purchase a jigsaw for a hobby purpose or you want to buy it for commercial work. In both cases, you need to look at factors like good grip, greater ease of use, blade change option, variable speed trigger. These are the crucial factors you need to consider while buying a good jigsaw. So do make the right choice because a jigsaw is a thing that you are going to buy every day. You can also visit our list of machines for 2022 reviews.

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