Best Dewalt Jigsaws ( Reviews 2022)

Looking for a jigsaw for woodworking projects, nothing can beat the best Dewalt jigsaws because of their particularities. Dewalt jigsaws are the fastest most accurate and lower-cost jigsaws. Before reviewing this make sure that you must order the jigsaw as early as possible because it’s the best opportunity to avail in 2021. Dewalt DCS334b is the best pick according to our research.

Cordless and corded both Dewalt jigsaws are available whose blade changing ability is mind-blowing because the blades are keyless, you don’t need to worry about the keys to screw out the blades. Tool-free bevel adjustment helps you to have fine cuts as you change from one angle to another.

We have reviewed the five top Dewalt jigsaws according to our research.

Best Dewalt Jigsaw

Reviews of 5 Dewalt Jigsaws

1.Dewalt DCS334b – Best Dewalt Jigsaw Review

Dewalt DCS334b

A cordless tool with a barrel grip for smart handling. Extended run time faster offers extreme performance. Compact design with a weight of 4.6 pond makes it easier to handle. The jigsaw has durable blades, is well designed, and is easy to use. Variable Speed dials trigger the speed and allow movement as you want.

The T-shank blade system helps for better strokes. 4 position oval action switch increases the jigsaw’s versatility. 0 to the 45-degree rotation with LED light for minor detailed cutting. It has heavy-duty metal parts.

  • Compact and cordless
  • Linear motion to circular motion
  • Battery and charger along with
  • No saw dust collection.

2.DEWALT DCS335B – Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw


Easy to pick and travel because of the compact design thus you can control it better for smart working and design cutting. Bright LED light illuminates dim work surfaces so it’s easy to follow the dim cut lines, lever-action keyless blades, keyless shoe barrel with detents at 0, 15,30, 45 degrees for easy adjustment. Compact and cordless design make it easy to handle. Precise and pretty efficient while working due to its speed control feature.Illumination on the dim surface by the LED light installed for better visibility.

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  • LED lights are installed.
  • Compact and cordless design.
  • The top handle grip is ergonomic.
  • Easy blades changing
  • Maximum grip and control
  • No accessories, no bags
  • Buying a separate battery would increase the budget

3.DEWALT DCS331B – Dewalt Barrel Grip Jigsaw


Several adjustment features make this jigsaw our third priority. Although it’s too old its features are mind-blowing. A cordless jigsaw with high-performance battery makes it work for a longer period of time. Screwless metal blades for different cuttings.Extra comfort by the orbital blades to cut the sides accurately with ease.Adjustable Dust blower so that the surface will be dust-free. Variable speed control can be adjusted according to the requirement.20-volt motor for an effective speed range.Cordless and antislip for better control It has sharp and T shape quality blades. It has a metal keyless shoe bevel

  • Bevel option from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Comfortable cordless jigsaw
  • Diligent cuts
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Battery and charger not provided which increases the budget.
  • Blades are to be purchased separately
  • Blades may fell off if not changed by perfection

4.DEWALT DW331K – Dewalt Corded Jigsaw


All metallic blade holding material.  It has a 133mm maximum depth capacity in wood. It has 4 positions orbital action for faster and aggressive cuts i.e.0, 15, 30, 45 degrees. Furthermore, it has adjustable the blower for the clean working surface. It has a speed trigger by the control. Variable speed with a powerful motor of 6.5 amp that gives performance need for demanding material.Keyless, lever-action blade clamp for rapid and easy blade alterations. Extra-large rubber grip dampens vibration. The jigsaw gives comfort while longer use. Integrated dust blower for cutline visibility. The counter-balance mechanism decreases vibration and user fatigue.

  • Great hand control, antislip.
  • Air blower for a clean surface.
  • Powerful 6.5amp motor
  • no LED light to make the dim surface illuminating
  • Corded jigsaw due to which the socket is necessary at the workplace.

5.DEWALT  DCS334P1 – Dewalt Brushless Jigsaw


Compact design, easy-grip, maximum control, variable speed trigger and dial for precise speed control make this jigsaw a unique one. It has a Brushless motor that gives efficient performance for longer runtime. It has bright LED lights for illuminating dim dark surfaces. In addition to that, it has precise speed control by speed trigger. All metal, keyless blades allow change for quick and easy T-shank blade changes.

It has a 20V max cordless jigsaw kit with 5Ah battery, with extreme runtime. Moreover, it has total speed control up to 3200 SPD for versatile cutting. All-metal keyless blade for a quick change of blades. A removable shoe cover helps protect the work surface from scratches, and an integrated dust blower for dust removal from the workspace.

  • Tolless blades change
  • Bevel shoe and orbital action is found
  • Antislip and better control during performance
  • LED lights for illuminating the work surface
  • Dust remover
  • Not much durable
  • Separate battery charger increases the cost

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best Dewalt jigsaw?

Dewalt DC334b si the best jigsaw according to our research. It has a compact design and easy to handle and durable blades.

What are the characteristics of a good jigsaw?

Tolless blade change, bevel shoe, Led light, dust remover, compact design and portability are some of the features of the good jigsaws.


So here is a guide about the best Dewalt jigsaws. According to our research, Dewalt DCS334b  is the best Dewalt jigsaw according to our months of study. If you want to buy a quality Dewalt product then it is the way to go. We have also selected other jigsaws that have great functions. I hope you like our guide about the Dewalt jigsaws. Jigsaw is not a thing you are going to buy daily, so buy it after reading reviews. It is good to hear from you about which jigsaws are you going to buy. Feel free to drop a comment, it will be highly acknowledged. You can also read our top 10 tool buying guide.

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