Best Jigsaw Blade 2022 ( Expert Guide)

Jigsaw blades are efficient for fast and accurate cuts. If your blade is not right, you cannot make precise and smooth cuts. You do not get a detailed overview of the jigsaw blade while buying a jigsaw. Based on our months of research, we have reviewed the best jigsaw blade for you. Bosch T5002 is the best according to our detailed research.

But wait there is more, If you want a jigsaw blade with a low budget, more accuracy, and easy to fit, we have reviewed them all. T and U-shaped blades and how you can use them effectively and which brand supports which type of blade, we have included all this in our detailed research. Some blades are great for fine cuts but cannot make curved cuts. We have also provided a complete guide about that.

Best Jigsaw blades 2022

Jigsaw blade
Bosch T5002
BLACK+DECKER 75-626 24
SKIL 94906
Gunpla OT429
Task Tools 09962
Bosch T101AO3
Milwaukee 49-22-1168 
Kent T244D
Lenox Tools 20854F518S
Here are the reviews of top jigsaw blades of 2021

1. DEWALT DW3742C – Top Rated  

Best jigsaw blade


Dewalt has produced some excellent tools, and it is one of those. It is the top jigsaw blade in our list due to the following features;

  • The blade is 3 and 4 inches long and has a cutting power range from 6 to 32 teeth per inch.
  • The tool is compatible with both Dewalt and Bosch jigsaw brands.
  • It is excellent for woodworking projects as well as for metals.
  • Another excellent feature of the jigsaw blade is that case seems to be strong enough, and the lids have a steel hinge instead of plastic.
  • The case is efficient for keeping the jigsaw blade organized. A case has two sides with covers that lock, and each side has three compartments.

Jigsaw blade has excellent features but it is not perfect. According to our research, sometimes the teeth per inch of the blade has gone after the first cut. But it is a great product and an excellent buy for your projects. So it is our top pick.

  • Excellent for woodworking and metal
  • Range from 6 to 32 teeth per inch
  • Strong case
  • Lids have a steel hinge
  • Sometimes, the blade has lost teeth
  Thus due to great cutting power and strong case this product is a great buy and stands top in our list.

2. Bosch T5002 Jigsaw blade

Bosch T5002


Bosch is a reliable company in the tools industry in tool making. They offer the best products and adds great value to customer needs. Bosch T5002 comes second in our list due to the following features:

  • Bosch T5002 is compatible with most other companies of the jigsaw which makes it an excellent inclusion for the diversity it provides.
  • The blade has a T-shank design that offers maximum grip and stability.
  • The tool is ideal for woodworking projects and cutting thick and thin metals.
  • It has a complete blade set and includes T101B, T119BO, T144D, T118A, and T118B jigsaw blades.
  • It has a great collection of various sizes which is ideal for all kinds of projects.

The only problem with this jigsaw blade is that it gets dull quickly. But it has lots of great features which make it the runner up product.

  • Compatible with most jigsaws
  • Maximum grip and stability
  • Ideal for woodworking projects
  • Great collection of sizes
  • Gets dull quickly
  Thus due to greater assortment of sizes and maximum grip and stability, Bosch T5002 is the runner up in our list.

3. BLACK+DECKER 75-626 24-Pack Jigsaw Blade Set 

BLACK+DECKER 75-626 24


  • BLACK AND DECKER 75-626 comes in a variety of types ranging from 6 to 24 teeth per inch. So you can use it for all types of woodworking projects.
  • Blades are very sharp so you have no difficulty in cutting metals and completing your project.
  • Blades last for a long time according to our research which makes it a durable product.
  • But the tool has one problem that U shape blade does not stay in according to our use and it is too small to cut for some. Due to these features, it comes third in our list.
  • Variety of types
  • Sharp
  • Durable
  • U shape blade does not stay in
  • Small for some
  Thus due to the great variety of sizes, sharpness, and durability, this product comes third in our list..

4. SKIL 94906 Wood U-shank Jig Saw Blade Set – Best Budget

SKIL 94906 Wood U-shank


  • The blade set includes a wood scroll blade that is used for scrolling projects and a wood blade that is good for woodworking projects.
  • It has a U shank design that fits all U shank and T/U combo jigsaw designs.
  • Blade offers maximum durability and solid shank construction that helps in reducing breakage.
  • The tool is budget-friendly as compared to other competitors.

Although this blade has some good features, it is suitable for woodworking projects only and if you want a blade for projects other than this, then you need to look at other options. Furthermore, the blade is heavy and prone and to bending and wearing out.

  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for woodworking projects
  • Heavy blade
  • Prone to bending
  • Less versatile
  So if you want to buy a jigsaw blade for money then by looking at the above features, this jigsaw blade is a good choice.

5. Gunpla OT429 Jigsaw Blade

Gunpla OT429


  • Gunpla 0T429 is made up of high carbon steel and is efficient for cutting both soft and hardwood.
  • It has greater accuracy and precision for all types of cuts including plunge cuts, rapid cuts.
  • It has versatile tooth design that is able to cut aluminum, steel, and thin metals.
  • But it has some durability issues and teeth wear out on higher speed and you will not be able to make faster cuts.
  • Blade set comes in 3  packages including  T244Dx5, T144Dx5, T118Ax5 blades.
  • Made up of high carbon steel
  • Great accuracy
  • Versatile tooth design
  • Durability issue
  • Sometimes teeth wear out at higher speed.
  Thus due to versatile tooth design and greater accuracy, this jigsaw blade is bought but you need to look at the drawbacks.

6. Task Tools 09962 Universal Shank Jig Saw Blade Set 

Task Tools 09962


  • It is a  jigsaw blade capable of cutting wood, plywood, composites.
  • This blade can be divided into two parts, one part is used for cutting metal and the other is used for cutting wood.
  • It consists of various types of blades with different TPI which makes it good for long-term projects
  • It includes 20 blades and the blades are 2.8 to 3.6 inches long.

The blade is not compatible with the Skill and Ryobi jigsaw brands. This blade produces sound at the time of cutting and becomes less responsive as time passes. Thus it is not able to make sharper cuts.

  • Versatile
  • Different TPI available
  • Compatibility issue
  • Less responsive as time passes
  Thus, this tool is durable and versatile but due to less compatibility and less responsiveness as time passes it stands six in our list..

7. Bosch T101AO3 Jig Saw Blades

Bosch T101AO3


  • It is a T shank design and efficient for cutting hardwoods and plywood.
  • It has pointed teeth that are used to reduce splintering on both sides of the design.
  • Jigsaw blade has 20 TPI pointed tooth profile. In addition to that, it has a narrow blade body that is optimized for clean and curved cuts.
  • The tool is costly as compared to its competitors and the metal is not of good quality.
  • Pointed teeth
  • Clean and curved cuts
  • Costly
  • Metal not of  good quality
  Thus this model is costly as compared to its competitor and has fewer features due to which it stands at this position in our list.

8. Milwaukee 49-22-1168 Jigsaw blade

Milwaukee 49-22-1168


  • The five-piece set works for most woodworking and metal projects.
  • Jigsaw blade has a different variety of teeth. It has large to middle teeth for hardwood and plywood. In addition to that, it has smaller teeth for woodworking projects.
  • The product is easy to use and durable.

But the problem with this jigsaw blade is that the hole is far down the blade, and it is costly as compared to its competitors.

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Costly
  • Hole far down the blade
  Thus due to hole far down the blade and costly as compared to its competitors, this product stands at no 8 in our list.

9. Kent T244D Jigsaw Blade

Kent T244D


  • The blade is made up of high carbon steel and is very useful for straight and curved cuts.
  • The product does not overheat. Thus it does not burn materials like plywood.
  • Blades are 10 in the pack and blade is ground and side set

But the problem with these blades is they come with no case, so you have a problem in protecting these blades. In addition to that, the tool has some problems in making precise cuts.

  • Variety of cuts
  • Does not overheat
  • Does not have a case
  • Less accurate cuts
  Thus this blade has good features like it does not overheat but no case and less accurate cuts make it not suitable for long-term projects.

10. Lenox Tools 20854F518S  Jigsaw Blade

Lenox Tools 20854F518S  jigsaw blade


  • The blade is good for medium metals and able to make sharp and accurate cuts.
  • It has 18 teeth per inch, which allows it to make smooth and accurate cuts.

But the blade comes without a case, and you need to buy a separate case, which adds extra cost. It is not recommended for thicker metals.

  • Sharp and accurate cuts for medium metals
  • 10TPI per inch
  • Not for thicker metals
  • It is without a case
  Thus it is good for medium metals but the blade is without a case and not recommended for thicker metals.

Buying guide for jigsaw blades

You need to consider the following thing while buying the jigsaw blades. This guide will you in buying jigsaw blade for corded and cordless jigsaws.If you do not consider these things, you might end up in buying a faulty jigsaw.

Cutting material

You need to consider the material you want to cut for your project. If you are cutting wood, then a blade made up of high carbon steel can be a good choice. But if you want to cut plastic and metals, then you need to use a blade made up of tungsten carbide. But if you want to cut wood and metal both effectively, then bi-metal blades can be a good choice. These blades are flexible and can sustain high resistance and temperature. These are high-quality and very useful for cutting acrylic and plastic sheets.

Teeth per inch

Teeth per inch is an important factor in making cuts. If TPI is less, then jigsaw blade can cut softer material, and if you want to cut harder material, then you need to have blades with higher TPI. If you want to cut wood, then 10TPI is good for your project.

You can increase your range from 16 to 18 TPI if you want to make finer cuts. But if you want to cut metals, then 20 to 24 TPI is essential for a good project and you can also use jigsaw blade for stainless steel and fiberglass. e.g In case of drywall you can choose any type of medium to high TPI Blade that prevents the paper from tearing out.

Durability and bending

The most common problem people find in a jigsaw blade is its durability. Those blades which are made of high carbon steel have less durability. So these blades have less cost, but you need to compromise on durability. While blades made up of tungsten carbide are more durable. They are expensive, but they are for long-term projects, and it is hard to find these types of blades.

The other problem in the jigsaw blade is bending. Sometimes the blade starts bending during work, and it costs you money and time. So you need to consider whether your blade holds under pressure or not. It is an important thing that will save you time and money.

Compatibility of Jigsaw Blade

Compatibility is another issue for both corded and cordless jigsaw. There are types of blade design. T shank design, which is compatible with most of the jigsaws and U shank designs, which is less compatible. Actually, U shank design is an older version, and people stop using them. Moreover, if you are buying jigsaw of SKIL and Black+Decker then you need to know they are not compatible with all jigsaw blade, Bosch and Dewalt are the two companies that have produced jigsaws that are compatible with most of the jigsaw blades. This is an essential factor, and you need to see the compatibility of the jigsaw blade properly if you want to buy it for a long-term project; otherwise, there will be a waste of time and money.

Structure of tooth

The structure of the tooth is an essential factor while buying a jigsaw blade. Jigsaw blades are available in wavy, reverse, taper, and side layouts. In the case of wavy teeth, straight and design cuts are made. Reverse teeth are used to cut material that splits easily and they are used for cutting the worktop.

Taper teeth are used in projects in which you want to make slow cuts. Side teeth are used in fast and rough cuts. So it all depends on you which type of layouts you want. But if you follow the above guidelines, your project will be a success.

Types of tooth

Types of the tooth is an important factor in making smooth and blunt cuts. Milled teeth and ground teeth are two types of teeth. Milled teeth will make rough cuts as their cut is blunt, while ground teeth will make smooth and fine cuts. The reason for that is they are designed sharper than milled. So if you want to make smooth cuts, then ground teeth will be your choice.

Frequently asked questions

How can we make cleaner jigsaw cuts?

Cleaner jigsaw cuts are the way to go for professional woodworking. If you want to cut softwoods, then you need to run the jigsaw at higher speed, but if you are cutting hardwoods, then slow the speed to avoid the burnouts.

What is the best wood cutting jigsaw blade?

SKIL 94906 is the best wood cutting jigsaw blade according to our research. It is suitable for both hardwoods and softwoods.

How to change a jigsaw blade?

In case of a tool requiring mechanism, you can use Allen wrench to open the bolt holding the clamp and then use the pliers to take out the blade. In the case of tool-less blade installation, you can simply use the pliers to take the blade out by holding the lever and then releasing the lever to see that blade is in place.

What is the best jigsaw blade for plywood?

DEWALT DW3742C is the best jigsaw blade for plywood due to incredible features and greater versatility. Always choose jigsaw blade in range of 10 to 12 TPI for plywood, and in case of tighter curves, you can select a jigsaw blade of 20 teeth per inch. A plywood cutting jigsaw blade can easily cut  MDF(medium-density fibreboard.

What is the best jigsaw blade for the laminating floor?

Bosch T503 is the best jigsaw blade for the laminating floor. It is a bi-metal blade and cuts 2x faster than standard blades and provides smooth and clean cuts.

What is the top jigsaw blade for plexiglass?

Bosch30-grit carbide jigsaw blade is highly recommended for plexiglass. It is made up of carbon steel and makes accurate cuts.

What is the top jigsaw blade for a laminate countertop?

You need to consider a reverse teeth jigsaw blade for the laminate countertop. Reverse type jigsaw blade cuts on the downstroke.

So it all depends on you which type of jigsaw blade you want for your project. But the jigsaw blade is an integral part of the woodworking project. If you buy a jigsaw blade that is not durable, then it will be a waste of time and money for you. You need to consider the budget and performance of the blade into consideration while buying a jigsaw blade. Sometimes in a low budget, you get all the things but never compromise on quality. We have presented the best jigsaw blade for you by doing months of research. Do consider the things mentioned above in your mind before buying the jigsaw blade.

Final Verdict

So based on our months of research, DEWALT DW3742C is the best jigsaw blade. It has greater versatility and incredible features. But if you are low on budget and want to buy a high-quality jigsaw blade, then Bosch T5002 is the right choice. It all depends on you now, which jigsaw blade you want to buy. Jigsaw is not complete without a jigsaw blade, and you cannot complete your projects.

So you need to buy a jigsaw blade that is durable and has excellent compatibility, and if you follow our suggestion, you will buy the best jigsaw blade for your projects. Jigsaw blade is not a thing you are going to buy daily, so buy the one which is best for your project. Feel free to drop a comment; it will be great to hear from you which jigsaw blade you are going to buy. If you want to get a broad view, then you can also visit our guide about the top product.

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