Best Makita jigsaw 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Makita is a well known Japanese brand for its power tools, especially Cordless and corded jigsaws. So, if you are already a user of Makita jigsaws, then you already know that their products speak for their value. So here, we will summarise some of the best Makita jigsaw based on quality, price, performance, and other various features like blade sharpness, speed, and brand value. Based on our months of research, we have reviewed top Makita jigsaws that are suitable for your professional project.

Best Makita Jigsaw in 2020

Here is the list and reviews of  the best Makita jigsaw:

Makita JV0600K
Makita XVJ01Z Jigsaw
Makita XVJ03Z  Jigsaw
Makita DJV180Z  Jigsaw
Makita 4329K Jigsaw

1. Makita JV0600K – TOP Rated

Makita JV0600K jigsaw

Jigsaw weighs about 5.2 with a 1year warranty. The Jigsaw comes with a jigsaw blade, hex wrench, and tool case.


  • In corded Category of Makita jigsaw, we have Makita JV0600K. It is the Top-handle jigsaw having a speed range of 500 to 3100 SPM.
  • The control over the speed and power helps in slicing the materials like mild steel or plywood like butter! Only because they have upgraded the motors to 6.5 amps with 3 Orbital speed control settings.
  • It has efficient dust management because of the presence of dust port through the body, and because of the Top-handle held the position, it is the best Makita jigsaw for cutting curves.
  • They have used the Counterbalance system to reduce reductions. So, because of less vibration operator have more control over it and can cut through different things with accuracy. The blade can be removed and installed with ease without using any tool.
  • Excellent body balance
  • fewer vibrations
  • Easy to change the blade
  • more control over speed
  • Blade holder quality isn’t up to mark
Thus due to greater control over the cut and fewer vibrations, this design stands at no 1 in our list 

2. Makita XVJ01Z Jigsaw

Makita XVJ01Z Jigsaw


It is a battery-powered jigsaw weighs about 5.12 pounds. The barrel grip makita jigsaw comes with a cover plate, hex wrench, Jigsaw blade, and a three-year warranty and


  • Jigsaw has a six-speed control dial that is capable of 3500 strokes per minute.
  • Jigsaw has a dual LED light that illuminates the work area.
  • It has tool-less blade change that allows the easy removal of blades.
  • It has three orbital settings with a brushless motor that would enable us to make a variety of cuts.

Although it makes a powerful cut, it is poorly designed, and the blade comes out and spilt in half during use.

  • Six-speed control dial
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Three orbital settings
  • Badly designed
Thus this product is a good buy due to useful features like six-speed control dial and dual led light 

3. Makita XVJ03Z  Jigsaw

Makita XVJ03Z 

Jigsaw weighs about 5 pounds with a three-year warranty. The jigsaw comes with a tool, jigsaw blade, and a cover plate.


  • If you are looking for a cordless jigsaw because of no availability of continuous power supply in places like woods, then you would probably need a handy jigsaw with no hassle of wires, and a good performing motor with a battery. So, here Makita comes up with a unique tool Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT.
  •  Even though it does not have a breakneck operating speed,  because of its smoothness and stable cutting experience it is one of the top jigsaws.
  • It is also a very durable jigsaw because of heavy gauge. It is also providing three different orbital settings so you can cut products like plastic, wood, and metal quickly and smoothly.
  • Jigsaw gives us a speed range of 0 to 2600 SPM, which is still a pretty decent speed. It is a very handy jigsaw Weighs only 6.4 lbs with battery. Tool-less blade change technology helps in the quick and easy change of blade.
  • Heavy-gauge
  • Brushless motor
  • two-finger variable speed trigger
  • Base plat is not entirely flat
  • Expensive
This jigsaw has a brushless motor, but the base plat is not flat, and less speed as compared to other models make it at no three in our list. 

4. Makita DJV180Z  Jigsaw

Makita DJV180Z 

Jigsaw is a battery-powered jigsaw weighs about 5.29. Lithium-ion batteries are required for power, which is not included in the package.


  • If the price is not an issue and you need some premium cordless, compact, robust and ergonomic Jigsaw, then here is the best option for your next purchase, Makita DJV180Z 18V. LXT.
  • It has a massive switch to operate speed trigger, which is easily accessible with two fingers. Like the other two, this jigsaw also comes with Tool-less blade changing features.
  • Three orbital settings for speed gives us more control over cutting various materials. Its 18V battery powered jigsaw, which can cut up to 135mm in wood and 10mm in steel and weigh only 5.29 pounds.
  • Having a dust blower helps in optimum performance by removing debris, which can affect blade performance.
  • It also has an LED light to illuminate the work area so you can have better visuals.
  • Premium performance up to 2600SPM
  • LED Light
  • Trigger switch is easily accessible
  • It’s an expensive buy
  If you have a high budget you can buy this jigsaw by looking at the above features.

5. Makita 4329K Jigsaw

Makita 4329K


It is an electric-powered jigsaw weigh about 4.19 pounds. It comes with a one year warranty.


  • If you are on a less budget, then don’t worry, Makita has Makita 4329K for you. It is a top-handle Jigsaw with the option of variable speed and 3.9amp motor. With 3.9amp motor, it still has the power to handle regular tasks.
  • It provides speed range up to 3100 SPM, But the machine does offer reliable performance for cutting various surfaces because of its die-cast aluminum base.
  • You can also adjust these angles up to 45 degrees on both sides. It allows you to get different cutting results for different surfaces. Having an Ergonomically designed rubberized grip provides the best grip and control while operating the machine.
  • Quite functional rubber grip
  • Readily available trigger for power
  • Speed range is up to 3100SPM
  • Not that much powerful motor
  • Precision is questionable
Thus if you want to buy a low price jigsaw, then it is an excellent tool to buy.

Thus it all depends on you which Makita jigsaw you want to buy. Whether you are buying a cordless Makita jigsaw or a best-corded jigsaw you need to consider the above features for the perfect buy.

Frequently asked questions

What to consider while buying a good jigsaw?
You need to look at variable speed trigger, power, LED light and dust port to perform your function efficiently.

What is the best Makita jigsaw?
Based on our months of research, Makita JV600K is the best jigsaw.

You can also read about other brands of jigsaw here.

Final Verdict

So we have compared some of the best Makita jigsaws. According to our expert opinion, JVO600K is the top Makita jigsaw. Now its all depends on personal preference, the purpose of use, availability, and affordability. We have summarized all the features of these jigsaws so you can have a better look and can compare the price and performance of different jigsaws. While purchasing, keep in mind that some jigsaws come only in the body while some jigsaws are available as a kit.

So if you are upgrading an old jigsaw then most of the time, you can go with body only option to save some money so you can buy some other tools.  Jigsaw is not a thing you are going to buy . do choose wisely. Feel free to drop a comment; we love to hear which jigsaw you are going to buy. You can also read about the guide of the best jigsaw tool here. Check here

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